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ADX makes it easy to grow a business regardless of its current size. With the latest innovations in technology, ADX provides high quality, user-friendly solutions to move businesses forward.

ADX Marketing

The ADX Marketing platform is a unique and successful direct marketing model which has generated significant revenue for ADX. The platform currently has more than 217,000 active members, primarily in China. Members are independent direct marketing consultants who may earn commissions and bonuses for selling products and services.

ADX Technology

The future will be shaped by technological advances in AI, robotics, blockchain, machine learning, financial, and deep learning technology. ADX intends to be at the forefront of this development by investing in the development of cutting-edge innovative technology, particularly in the booming fintech and blockchain sectors.

ADX is currently funding the development of a number of innovative fintech products:

– Blockchain and digital currency
– Digital payment systems
– Digital currency exchanges
– Digital currency creation and management

ADX Managed Cloud & Hosting

The worldwide cloud business is soaring and ADX has positioned itself to take advantage of this exponential growth. In 2019, ADX established a new managed cloud business targeting many niche business sectors.

ADX Ventures

ADX Ventures is the venture capital investment arm of ADX. It provides funding (asset, venture and growth stages) to unique and innovative technology-based enterprises. We invest across all stages and sectors with a focus on technology-based platforms and products that focus on entertainment, consumer and enterprise sectors.

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