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ADX Labs, Inc. (ADX) is a technology company focused on providing a range of innovative products and services for individuals, home-based businesses, and the small to medium enterprise (SME) market. ADX develops and provides software that powers web and mobile platforms; cloud hosting solutions, interactive entertainment and cutting-edge electronics through its ADX Marketing platform. It also provides global merchant solutions and game development.


Our Story

ADX was founded in 2006 with the belief that the internet could be used for more. ADX became a lifeline for small businesses looking to harness the power of technology to grow, and ADX has continued their commitment to bringing the latest in online and technology services to the SME business world. From cloud services and ultra-secure networking powers, ADX exists and evolves to meet the rising expectations of the business world.


A Commitment to Excellence

ADX is focused on improving small business outlooks by providing a range of innovative products and services for individuals, home-based businesses, and the small to medium enterprise (SME) market. In addition, we are a company committed to providing employees with exciting career opportunities, excellent benefits, and a commitment to work-life balance.


Embracing Opportunity

At ADX, we understand that supporting diversity and engagement is not only the right thing to do; it is the right thing to do for our business. We recognize that our company is strongest when we are a company of opportunity that embraces the full spectrum of diversity. That means both building and maintaining a widely diverse, more inclusive workplace, and promoting engagement in both our company and the communities we belong to.


Our People

At ADX, our people are the backbone of the company. From the hardworking 24/7 customer support staff operating in 5 languages, to the game developers working on the next blockbuster social game. From to the loyal and dedicated independent sales consultants operating in over 100 countries, to the many technology professionals working 24/7 to deliver cutting edge and innovative new products and services.


Global Footprint

ADX operates on a global scale, with offices around the world serving our different markets’ needs. In addition to our headquarters in Minneapolis, where we provide customer service and other internal operations, we also maintain offices throughout the US. Our international offices are housed in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan.


A Mission to Help

ADX independently funds the ADX Foundation, a registered non-profit philanthropic organization. Since 2013 the ADX Foundation has invested in communities, children, supported social justice and helped to create thousands of jobs.


ADX Board of Directors

  • Steve Renner (Chairman)
  • Joel Stead (Non-Executive)
  • Steve Sjoblad
  • Richard Cant
  • Hong Ming “Annie” Zhang

ADX Executive Team

  • Steve Renner (Interim CEO)
  • Richard Cant (President & Chief Operations Officer)
  • Jon Hopeman (General Counsel)
  • Jason Berg (Vice President of Finance & Tax)
  • Bill Batik (CIO)


At ADX we are committed to operating at the highest standards of corporate governance. This approach enables us to create long term value and benefit for our customers, consultants and members, staff, stakeholders, shareholders and all members of the extended ADX family.

How ADX is governed:

  • Board of Directors
  • Board & other committees
  • SOX/PCI standards
  • Global ethics and compliance policies
  • Code of Conduct
  • Anti-Bribery & Corruption policies

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We are on a committed journey to embed our values in everything we do. We emphasize that our employees, our members and consultants, and all ADX family members; together with the third parties we work with will always act in accordance with our values of integrity, respect and transparency.

Our compliance programs entrench the same value across our business units throughout the world.

These include:

  • Our Code of Conduct, which outlines how our employees should engage on a daily basis.
  • Our ADX Marketing Policies and Procedures, which outline how our Independent Consultants how shall engage themselves.
  • Anti-Bribery & Corruption Policy
  • Our Internal Compliance Program (manual & automated)
  • Social Responsibility policy
  • Sustainability
  • Diversity & Inclusion policy

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