Adx Games

aPlay: Innovative and
exclusive social gaming


The aPlay Platform

aPlay is a fundamental revamp of the way ADX delivers entertainment to our members. It’s a merging of aSports and GameSmart into a new mobile platform. Members will download and play our games via the aPlay mobile app. aPlay is focused on creating innovative and exciting gaming experiences that delight, engage and entertain audiences.

Social Gaming Enhanced

aPlay, currently only for members of ADX Marketing, features games like Shadow-town and Derby Downs Horseracing, with more games currently in production. Derby Downs features interactive gameplay, upgrade paths for equipment, and 6-player real-time multiplayer races and Shadowtown takes you on a journey to solve a murder in a mysterious town.

Via the aPlay app, members can browse game listings, view game pages and watch game trailers, download and install games locally, and launch games from within the app. Download the app or visit to learn more

Customer-facing Capabilities

aPlay’s native Android client makes gameplay available from wherever you use your Android device.
While using the aPlay app, ADX Marketing Members can:
  • – Log in with an existing ADX account, or create an account
  • – Browse a growing catalog of native Android games
  • – Launch games from within the aPlay app
  • – Install games directly from the client
  • – Earn iPayments based on the ADX compensation plan
  • – ADX package purchases transfer aPlay Credits to in-app wallet

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